Opening & Closing Space Guidelines

When opening the space, please be sure to adjust the light to your preference. Any sage, incense, or other incendiary materials are strictly prohibited. Aromatherapy diffusers or temporary smell-enhancers that are non-incendiary are welcome!

When closing the space, please be sure to sweep the floor, turn off the lights, lock the front door, and send Antone a text to let him know that your class has ended.

Please DO NOT leave the studio before all your class or event participants! You are responsible for them. If for some reason, you must leave before your class or event participants have departed, please have a designated substitute come to close up the studio and send Antone a text to let him know who is coming. This substitute should also reach out to Antone when they leave the space.

Payment for Space

Payment is due on, or by, the date on your written agreement with Eclipse Studio. Late or partial payment may result in cancellation of your event or class temporarily or permanently. One of the factors for summer season scheduling will be on-time and consistent payments for the space.

Summer Season Scheduling

Off-season offers much more flexibility in terms of class and event times due to the lower volume of instructors, practitioners, and event hosts on the island. We encourage all members of the community to think how this space might work for them!

As a community space in the summer, Eclipse Studio will do its best to accommodate all off-season classes into the summer season. Summer seasons scheduling will be prioritized and considered based on consistent and thoughtful engagement with the Eclipse Studio community during the off-season, the value and added diversity it provides for the schedule and community. Summer season scheduling will also consider the variety and added benefit for the community —— pre-scheduled events and classes from Eclipse Studio owner’s Eclipse Massage Therapy practice which prioritizes alternative and holistic healing and wellness.